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You might be looking for a way to boost your nutrition, lose weight or even help you feel better. A Sarnia nutrition can do all three. Nutrition is a much overlooked area in health care and more an more people are learning that what you eat does make a huge difference in your health. Years ago, milk was an important drink for everyone. In fact, they treated ulcers with heavy cream. In some cases, that was almost tragic. At that time, they didn’t know about lactose intolerance, so some people that were reacting to dairy were actually given dairy to make them better, since doctors mistook the symptoms for an ulcer. Today we have learned so much more, but still there’s little nutritional advice coming from the medical profession.

Eating healthier helps you shed pounds.

Sure you can lose a pound or two on a super low calorie or fad diet, but the minute you eat again, you gain it right back. Sometimes you even gain more. That’s because you’re not only going back to old eating habits that made you gain the weight in the first place, the super low calorie diet put your body into starvation mode, which slowed your metabolism, making weight loss even harder and weight gain almost a sure thing. When you eat healthier, you’re learning a new way of eating that you’ll use for the rest of your life. You’ll never feel hungry or deprived, as you might on a diet.

Food intolerances can make you miserable.

You hear a lot about lactose intolerance and gluten intolerance now days, but few diets take it into consideration. Some foods just don’t work with everyone’s system and the body fights back giving symptoms that range from nausea and gas to severe illness. To make it even worse, people with intolerance to certain foods may have varying reactions to them, making it even more difficult to isolate the problem. If you’re trying to lose weight or simply feel better, you need a diet that takes into consideration your food sensitivities.

Food can add to health problems or help them.

A greasy hamburger and fries doesn’t help any health problems, but can add to many of them. More and more scientists are finding links to the magic of food and the health benefits many whole foods provide. A major drug company had a study at one American university to isolate the anthocyanin in blueberries, the pigment that makes blueberries blue, knowing it was helpful in curing cancer. What they found was that it worked best in synergy with the other compounds in the blueberry. Even though this information is well studied, you won’t find many doctors giving cancer patients a diet to follow. Foods can cure, but should be used in conjunction with medical treatment.

Nutrition plays a huge role in the quality of your life. The older you are, the more nutrients you need since your body doesn’t process them nearly as well.

Whole foods, foods least processed, provide the maximum benefits when it come to nutrition. The only exception is tomatoes, whose lycopene is restructured during cooking and made easier to absorb.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to lose weight when you eat healthier, particularly if you combine it with regular exercise.

Learning to eat healthier is not only important for you, but also for your children. Many mothers learn how to eat healthier, not only for their own weight loss, but also to provide more nutritious meals and better eating habits for their family. If you’re pregnant, it’s a great way to give your unborn baby a head start.

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