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When you go to a Point Edward Group Fitness, you’ll understand the true feeling of being exhausted but feeling good about it. A boot camp works you toward your maximum potential and that can be extremely tiring, but at the end of the day, you’ll leave feeling exhilarated, knowing you made another step toward fitness. Unlike working out on your own, you’ll have the benefit of the expertise of a personal trainer to guide you through the workout.

The trainer designs a program for each individual.

Before you start the actual program, you may do a few movements to help the trainer identify your level of fitness. He or she will also identify any weak muscle groups. Before you started the trainer probably asked you what your fitness goal was and whether you had any special needs or requested that information on paper. Only after gathering all this information does the trainer create a workout program designed specifically for you. It will tax you to the maximum, but get faster results than you’d get on your own.

Everyone will be doing a similar routine, but at different intensities, reps and forms.

The trainer adjusts the workout for your fitness level, so someone that’s new to exercise, may be doing far fewer repetitions or even a modified form of the exercise. The trainer also accounts for special needs, such as back problems and modifies the form if necessary. The very fit will never be bored because they’ll be working just as hard as the couch potato to achieve their goals. Those less fit will have an equal chance for success since their workout was made just for their fitness level and needs.

You’ll start to notice a difference in a few weeks.

Not only will your clothing fit looser, but you’ll have far more energy. Boot camps work on all types of fitness, whether it’s strength, flexibility, balance or endurance. Stairs will become easier to climb, grocery bags will seem lighter and you’ll feel more graceful and glide through the day. The first few days you’ll ache, but eventually that will diminish and you’ll be amazed at the extra energy you have.

Boot camps are one way of getting the services of a personal trainer at a discount, since everyone shares the cost.

You’ll learn exercises you can do anywhere, since most boot camps use little or no equipment.

Some people continue to sign up for boot camps after the first one ends and use that as their workout program.

You’ll make new friends at a boot camp who can be very supportive when you need it and also very motivating.

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